Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Super Strong Color Theory-Bea&Young Corp.

Performance date: 8pm, 24th March 2010
Where: Muenchnerstrasse 27, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Hans's appartment)
The empty period between moving in and moving out-
Young and Bea made something out of this limited time and space
Sand Mandalas were made in each room, altogether 3 rooms were connected by doors.
The Design of the
Mandalas were made by Young and Bea, based on the theme of past, present and future.
Sand was colored and put into shapes
by Bea, Young and some other helpers(Thanks again to those who helped!)
Mandalas were destroyed during the performance- Two performers each in the left and the right room passed marshmellows to each other trying to catch them when they flew to the performers.
As the music ended, two performers fed a marshmellow to each other and sat on the radiator
facing the mandala and ate the rest of the marshmellow.
Visitors could walk on or play with the sand. The end of the day Mandalas were completely wiped away,
so that new residents could move in.


Running Time: 3mins 44

New Trend

Running Time: 4mins 32

Default 23

Running time: 5min 39